The McIntosh County Shouters



“Often imitated, never duplicated,” the McIntosh County Shouters have NEVER had any other name.

The McIntosh County Shouters have been demonstrating old slave shouts and singing slave songs all their lives.  This age-old tradition was believed to have died out in the early 20th century.  When it was discovered by outsiders that this group still practices a custom that was begun by their ancestors, a performing group from the community was organized, calling themselves the McIntosh County Shouters.  The group travels to schools, festivals, churches, public and private events educating audiences young and old about the ring shout and the Gullah Geechee heritage.


The McIntosh County Shouters’ mission is to preserve and protect the rich Georgia Gullah Geechee heritage by educating audiences young and old about the ring shout and life during slavery along the Georgia coast.  Over time, interest in the rich heritage passed down from slavery times in the coastal Georgia region continues to grow, but the slender threads of memory and information will remain strong only as long as we continue the tradition of “passing down” the unique culture of our ancestors from Africa’s Rice Coast who were brought here in bondage just a few generations ago.  Through the telling of stories, the memories and heritage are kept alive.

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