Friday, April 1, 2022–5:00pm

Savannah Cultural Arts Center

201 Montgomery Street

Savannah, GA

Join the McIntosh County Shouters and Art Rosenbaum at a special Q&A forum where the group will answer questions about the ring shout and Gullah Geechee history and culture. Learn about this very special tradition that the Briar Patch Community in McIntosh County was able to preserve for over 300 years. Members of the group are all related and are descendants of Amie and London Jenkins who were slaves in coastal Georgia. Originally a Western African tradition, each generation throughout time meticulously taught the ring shout to the younger generations in this family. They were therefore able to keep this tradition going continuously for 300 years in deference to their ancestors. The familial bond this group has is like none other. To see them perform a ring shout is to witness living history. An opportunity to see them for a Q&A session is rare.

Special guest Art Rosenbaum will also be on hand to share his history with the group. Rosenbaum is the author of the book, “Shout Because You’re Free,” which is about the history of the ring shout and the McIntosh County Shouters. He also received a Grammy for his field recordings of traditional music on which the McIntosh County Shouters performed. In addition, Rosenbaum produced a PBS documentary about the group in 1988 called, “Down Yonder.”

Sponsored by the Savannah Music Festival, this event is free and open to the public. .