Our School Programs Keep the Gullah-Geechee Alive

Experience the Original, Unbroken Ring Shout Tradition as It Has Been Passed Down Through the Generations

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The ring shout has been passed down through the generations from the time of slavery. It was almost lost, but the McIntosh County Shouters kept it alive in the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in the Briar Patch community of Bolden, GA. Since 1980, we have shared the tradition through thousands of performances for school programs, university activities, cultural festivals, historical events, weddings, and funerals.

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  • Learn the Shout at Your School

    At McIntosh County Shouter, school programs are our most important work. The Gullah-Geechee culture and ring shout tradition continue to exist because they’ve been passed down from generation to generation. Every program is designed with age-appropriate content. The children learn about the ring shout and the roles of each member, and then we invite them to participate and experience shouting firsthand. Through telling these stories, we enrich our children’s awareness and ensure the memories and heritage of our ancestors will be kept alive for future generations.

    To book us for your school programs, feel free to email us or call (912) 399-2466.

  • Festivals and Other Special Performances

    The McIntosh County Shouters have appeared at many local, regional, and national cultural events and historic festivals. Our musical programs are performed in the Gullah dialect with a translation that explains the historical context of the lyrics. Each performance is tailored to the audience to engage them in the spirit of the Gullah-Geechee culture and provide them with deeper insight into the experiences of the people enslaved on these coastal and island plantations. To book us for your upcoming event, please email us or call (912) 399-2466.

  • Waiting for the Hour: Watch Night Services

    Watch Night played an integral role in keeping the ring shout alive in Bolton, GA. Before becoming the McIntosh County Shouters, the descendants of London and Amie Jenkins held annual Watch Night Services, complete with ring shouts. The shout began on Christmas Eve and lasted until Christmas Day. And for the entire week through New Year’s Eve, they’d continue the observance, visiting each other’s homes and shouting until dawn to celebrate through prayer, fellowship, and the ring shout. Sometimes, the shouts would get so intense they’d break through the floorboards, requiring repairs the following day. Although it was believed that the ring shout had died out, this annual practice is how it survived in the Briar Patch community of Bolden, GA.

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